It is worth to come to Budapest in the fall - Metropol

It is worth to come to Budapest in the fall – Metropol

The best starting point for exploring Budapest in the fall is Budapest City bed and breakfastWith panoramic views of the Danube and Gellért hill. Its 214 modern rooms are suitable not only for couples but also for families, and getting to the hotel with our little pet is not a problem, after all, Pet friendly stay It is unparalleled in terms of value for money, moreover, many of Budapest’s sights, such as the Fővám tér exhibition hall or the magnificent Danube, are only a few minutes’ walk away. The main theme of the city is the hotel: the building is decorated with numerous drawings and maps depicting Budapest. And before we check, a b & chopin We can have the farewell gift with which we will never forget the time we spend in the Hungarian capital.

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Of course, it’s also a great experience to walk the blooming Margaret Island, but the golden curtains and autumn sunlight on the Danube also provide an atmosphere that everyone should see. If you want to enjoy the city from a little higher, then the magnificent autumn panorama of Budapest opens in front of us from the Elizabeth Lookout Tower. Stay on the side of Buda XVI. It was built in the 16th century and completely renovated a few years ago Gul Baba Turp and the Rose Garden It’s also well worth the effort to climb the small yet steep streets. The rose garden is still striking.

Colorful new places have opened in the city. In the Basilica district Milo Bistro With massive dog sculptures and dog ornaments, they make it clear not only that it’s a dog-friendly setting, but that young, lively equipment can also be finished – and rightly so – so that their food and drink offerings leave nothing to be desired. Of course, many of our well-established hotspots continue to operate smoothly. For example, a hot Madal or black tea will be better than at other times compared to the end of a long sightseeing tour in the fall when we feel it would be nice to warm ourselves. And if you want a truly exclusive gastronomic experience, we are happy to announce that this year the city has two new Michelin-starred restaurants: Portuguese-Hungarian Cuisine. Essence Restaurant and the Salt Budapest.

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It sounds familiar, but it is true: Budapest is on the border of east and west, half plain, half hill, half like this, half like this. However, great things are usually born from the meeting of opposites. The artists who have created in the city have filled the city with new impetus, it is enough to think of the dozens of galleries on Bartok Béla Street, where we can see new and unique works of Hungarian artists. Hungarian literature offers a similarly lively programme, October margin festival Not only Hungarian authors but also foreign authors present their latest work. And for those who prefer classical musical entertainment, a MÜPA We offer a range of programs where, in addition to various bands, there are also reputable dance groups such as Recirquel.

In mid-November, the Papp László Sports Arena . will host MTV European Music Awards, Where we can expect the arrival of not only European but American stars as well. However, it is certain that not only in Pest, but also in the countryside, and not just for a day, but for a whole week, the concert series will be connected with one of the most important music award ceremonies in Europe. And if they’re more into rock than pop: Finnish band Nightwish will perform on November 30 at Bab Laszlo Sports Arena.

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