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It is worth replacing and reconciling missing annual data

It is worth replacing and reconciling missing annual data

If the returned data sheet is not filled out correctly, such that the existence of entitlement cannot be proven, the payment of benefits will be suspended.

Let’s review what it means for someone, a retiree living abroad, to complete an annual statement reconciliation later than required.

According to our retirement rules, it takes place in March every year Law No. 81 of 1997 regarding Social Security retirement benefits. From the executive regulations of the law To conduct the annual data reconciliation procedure with retirees living or residing abroad, as provided for in Article 76.

The Pension Disbursement Authority, the Pension Disbursement Directorate of the Hungarian State Treasury, sends a data reconciliation form to the pensioners concerned, which must be completed, signed and returned to the Disbursement Authority within one month.

An important validity requirement is that the handwritten signature of the beneficiary on the data sheet must be authenticated by a court, notary public, pension insurance agency, other foreign authority, pension fund, payment service provider or Hungarian diplomatic mission. .

If the person receiving retirement benefits resides in a medical institution or social institution due to his health or social condition, or receives care from this institution, the certificate of the head or doctor of the institution is also acceptable.

It is advisable to pay great attention to completing the data reconciliation accurately within the deadline, because if the data sheet to be returned is not returned within the specified month, or if it is filled out incorrectly, resulting in a If the right cannot be proven, the payment of benefits will be suspended. .

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In case of delay, the allocation will be made later

Of course, the unpaid amount will not be lost due to disbursement stopping, and if the entitlement is proven later, the benefit will be allocated for a period up to five years ago.

In general, however, no one cares when the allowance is paid, so you should definitely try to return the duly completed and signed data sheet within the deadline, within one month.

If for some reason this doesn’t happen, we will try to replace it.

In addition to matching the above-mentioned data in the form sent directly to the person receiving pension benefits, in the case of the two countries, Germany and Australia, annual data matching is carried out in a simpler way, in cooperation with the German and Australian pension insurance bodies, for people receiving Hungarian benefits and living in Germany or Australia.

Optional payment options

As a reminder, key information regarding international pension payments is as follows.

In the case of a local authorized representative, the pension of the person living or residing abroad must be paid to the local authorized representative by postal delivery or to a payment account maintained with the Hungarian payment service provider. In both cases, payment is free of transfer costs.

It is also possible to pay to the payment account of the eligible Hungarian payment service provider. In this case also, the payment is free of transfer costs.

Another possibility is to request payment of a pension to a payment account maintained with a payment service provider in an EEA country for those living in the territory of an EEA country. In this case also, the payment is free of transfer costs.

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People living in the territory of a so-called Treaty State (i.e. a State that has concluded a social policy and social security treaty with Hungary) can request payment of a pension to a payment account maintained with a payment service provider in the Treaty State. In this case, transportation is subject to costs.

Pension payments cannot be received directly by post for people entitled to pension benefits who live abroad

Transfers to accounts of Hungarian financial institutions and payments by postal delivery can only be made in forints.

In the case of a transfer to a financial institution account held abroad, in an EEA country or a Treaty State, the transfer can be requested in currencies marketed by Magyar Nemzeti Bank, provided that the financial institution in the country to which the transfer is requested accepts a certain type of currency.

In order to transfer retirement benefits abroad, a number of data are also required from the beneficiary (such as the SWIFT code). Please be careful to enter them accurately.

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