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It is worth removing our old phone from the account

It is worth removing our old phone from the account

Every mobile has a special story, there is a moment in our life that we were able to capture with the camera, but it is still one of the things we cherish the most. No wonder they can become so attached to us during long-term use that we keep them as museum pieces even after they have been replaced.

Some are so old that we might not even be able to use them anymore, but they rest in the drawer out of respect, knowing that they are actually e-waste we will never need again. Phone collecting has grown into a veritable national sport in Hungary as well: According to Yettel’s latest research, 63 percent of Hungarians store unused cell phones at home, and in most cases, many devices, even 10-15 years old, lie in the drawer. It is no different in the editorial office of 444, as we have found miracles in the accounts. Of the colleagues we interviewed, only Mark Herzig immediately disposed of his cell phone at every exchange.

András Király is not a classic monitor, he passed his used phones to his father, who uses all three: you can still listen to the radio with the broken screen Pixel 4a, and the bank’s access control app still works fine on the Nexus 5.

Kiss Imola talks about her Nokia Lumia 820 enthusiastically today: “I loved it! Windows Phone was easier to use than Android / iOS. For example, texting and chatting was a dream, because predictive text was really good.”

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“I used it for so long, even with a broken glass and a swollen battery, I couldn’t understand that I needed another phone. (Also, I would encourage everyone not to, because it’s dangerous.) But then, in the end, the show turned out to be Impressionist painting, and there was nothing to do. That’s almost. I used it from 2013 to 2017. After that, I pressed for a while with my inherited iPhone 5 next to it. I thought I was going crazy with it, it didn’t do what I wanted. I think I bought a better iPhone after half a year at most.”

Sándor Czinkóczi was able to show the oldest piece, of which the last stupid phone had a truly indestructible piece: the Samsung B2100. “Why if you had a waterproof and shockproof phone, you would never drop it from a height and never splash a lot of water on it? Perhaps it was because of its size that it was very comfortable to hold (11.3 x 4.9 x 1.8 cm, 103 g), but the truth is I never used its capacity. Regardless, I really liked it, because it handled the action better than average, and the 1.3 mega pixel camera allowed me to take acceptable pictures, which I can then copy to my laptop via a USB cable. Finally No truck would have passed over it, but my needs became such that the FM radio no longer caught my attention enough.”

According to Yettel’s research mentioned above, only 14 percent of people choose to return the phone to an electronics store or service provider to start the device down the recycling path. Even unused devices, among other things It can also be delivered at Little StoresThe service provider undertakes the professional recycling of the device with the help of its specialized partners. In the NMHH Mobile Device Exchange Program, you can now purchase a new device with a subsidy of HUF 40,000, if you hand over a device that has been used at least once between July 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022, as per the terms of the programme. Suitable 2G or 3G phone. for more details on this on the page You can find out.

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In addition to the discount, we can also ensure that our old mobile phone does not end up in a municipal waste container, and that the hazardous materials leaching from its battery do not enter the environment. In addition, if our old phone is recycled, the precious metals (gold, silver, copper and iron) in it will not need to be extracted again in an expensive and environmentally polluting way.

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