It is very important to maintain Hungarian values

Our national values ​​define our Hungarian identity at the local and district level and cross national borders to unite Hungarians living abroad with the motherland – said Zsolt V. Németh, the Prime Minister’s Commissioner responsible for protecting the Hungarian way of life and our citizen. Curator, at the opening of the Valuables Conference on Thursday in Budapest.

The Prime Minister’s Plenipotentiary drew attention to the fact that when we talk about Hungarian characteristics, it cannot happen without listing foreign values. Hungarian customs and national values ​​became a form of contact with the annexed parts of the nation, and a tool for peaceful national unification across borders.

Zsolt V. Németh also touched on the fact that the county treasury is built from elements of local settlements.

Hungarian values ​​are a source of pride for every small settlement. He emphasized that sectoral warehouses have an important role in promoting individual areas of expertise and are not just necessary stops on the way to Hungarian specializations.

At the event, Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy highlighted in his video message that only eleven years ago the Hungarian parliament adopted the Hungarian law, which was amended in 2015 so that representatives of Hungarians living abroad can also join the initiative. He added that the Hungarian movement can now be a tool to protect the Hungarian way of life and mitigate the effects of multiculturalism.

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