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The 2021 F1 World Championship Series was originally planned in Melbourne on March 21, but in early January, a decision was made. The Australian Grand Prix has been postponed to November.

Australia continues to impose strict entry restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, I managed to keep the casualty count at the same level.

While facilitation began in many European countries in recent weeks, Australia continues to keep its borders closed.

That’s why Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Too early to say Whether major international events like the F1 race can be held this year.

“I would like to point out how different is happening in Australia because in most of the countries where F1 is transmitted, the coronavirus has passed. There are no problems with Covid in Australia, so the risk profile is very different in other countries. This is something we definitely want to protect.”

In the meantime The Australian racecourse is currently being renovatedAndrew Westacott, the lead organizer, is confident of his ability to hold the Melbourne Race in the fall.

“You might think it’s all too complicated, and the work is continuing, and we are working with the government in every detail,” the specialist told ABC, adding that the final decision on the competition should be made in mid-September.

Currently, September 13 or 17 is the date to start construction.

However, Westacott denied the possibility of two races in Melbourne, like Austria, if the Brazilian Grand Prix could not be held due to the pandemic.

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Australian Grand Prix November 19-21. I’ll settle in between.

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