It is the richest state in the United States

Although the epidemic last year also reversed the incomes of the US population, in the past very large income disparities were felt within the country when comparing individual US states. Official statistics show what is the richest state in the country.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, entry into the United States showed a sustained upturn. Although the last year also reversed the financial condition of people in the United States, increasing income inequality, it is clear that there have been significant differences at the individual country level thus far, he writes. 24/7 Wall Street. analyzing.

The annual income of the average American household in 2019 was $ 65,712 (about $ 19.7 million), which is roughly $ 3,000 higher than the average national income. The mean value always more accurately shows the income status of a “typical” family, as it filters out outliers that distort the statistical average.

However, large income disparities between states were already being felt in the United States prior to the pandemic. In 2019, for example, there were eight states where the annual income of the majority of households did not reach $ 55,000 (approximately 16.5 million HUF). Meanwhile, in 12 states, the majority of households earn more than $ 75,000 (about $ 22.5 million) a year.

Maryland is the richest state in the United StatesSource: Agence France Press / Mladen Antonov

Official government statistics show that in 2019, that is, before the effects of the epidemic, the poorest countries were located in the southern region, while the highest average incomes were measured in the northeastern and western coastal regions.

It is important to emphasize that average income is closely related to other socio-economic indicators as well. That is, when income is higher, the poverty rate is generally lower, people’s average educational attainment is higher, and property values ​​are higher.

All this shows that according to 2019 data, Maryland is the richest state in the United States. In the state of about 6 million, the average annual household income was $ 86,738 (about HUF 26 million).

Meanwhile, the proportion of people with at least a bachelor’s degree in the region was 40.9 percent, the fourth highest in the country. The poverty rate was 9.0 percent, which is (divided) the third most favored figure in the country’s competition. Finally, the average residential real estate value is $ 332,500 (nearly $ 100 million) in the state, which, although it is the ninth-highest in the United States, is still very strong.

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