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It is the most popular car in the world ever

It is the most popular car in the world ever

Exactly 88 years and two months after Toyota reached the 300 million mark, the first four-wheeled vehicle, the G1 commercial vehicle, was produced by the automobile production division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd (which later became Toyota Industries Corporation). In August 1935… The 100,000th Toyota car was produced in 1947, and the millionth in 1962, and the company crossed the 100 million mark in 1997, after 62 years. The second 100 million took only 15 years (2012), and the third 100 million took even less than that, 11 years.

Naturally, the total number of 300 million units includes Japanese domestic and international production as well: by the end of September 2023, Toyota had produced a total of 180.52 million vehicles domestically and 119.6 million vehicles abroad. The Toyota model with the largest total production is the Corolla, and the series has reached a cumulative global production of 53.4 million units, meaning that almost every sixth of Toyota’s production in the world was a Corolla.

The largest number of cars sold in the world

1. Toyota Corolla: 53.4 million units
2. Volkswagen Golf: 35.5 million units
3. Volkswagen Passat: 30 million units
4. Honda Civic: 27 million units
5. Volkswagen Beetle: 21.5 million units

Production expanded rapidly, especially in Japan, during the 1960s, and Toyota established many new manufacturing bases. Later, when production began in the United States in 1984 at the New United Motor Manufacturing plant, domestic production saw significant development. Then, in 2004, the IMV project was launched, within the framework of which three chassis vehicles built on the same basis, namely the Hilux, the Fortuner SUV and the Innova station wagon, were launched in Asia, South Africa and South America, and were sold in more than 140 countries and shipped In huge quantities.

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Thanks to this, since 2007, Toyota’s annual volume of foreign production has exceeded that of Japan. Currently, the Japanese company has 68 automobile and vehicle parts factories worldwide, including 16 in Japan, 26 in the rest of Asia, 13 in North America, 3 in South America, 6 in Europe, and 4 in Africa.

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