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It is the most difficult to book a table in these restaurants in the world

It is the most difficult to book a table in these restaurants in the world

There are restaurants in the world where getting a table is more difficult than getting to it.

He who travels also eats, and he who eats delicacies discovers the local gastronomy. More conscious gourmets go out on purpose, specifically to taste new foods and try new restaurants. There are places that are easily accessible and there are also exclusive restaurants which is a real challenge.


It is easier to book a table in the oldest restaurants in Paris than in Chicago Monteverdito have dinner.

Located in the city’s West Loop, along West Madison Avenue, the restaurant serving Italian food has a huge waiting list. The easiest time to try great Italian cuisine is on Friday at lunchtime.

Chairman of Board of Directors

Located in Hong Kong Chairman of Board of Directors The restaurant serves traditional Cantonese dishes. The place is one of the most popular establishments in the city, with a waiting list of several months. However, gourmets who enter the award-winning restaurant will not be disappointed with the finest Chinese dishes.

a paragraph

Nowadays, specialty restaurants are opening their doors one by one, so there are really many places under the water. Chicago One a paragraph However, it is different, having earned its reputation not only for its exquisite interior and exquisite dishes, but also for its long reservation list.

The reservation system of the legendary restaurant opens on the 15th of every month, at 11 am local time, and tables fill up in minutes.


Considered one of the best restaurants in the world, Noma serves dishes made with local ingredients, and is internationally recognized for its exquisite cuisine and extensive efforts in sustainability. Despite the friendly atmosphere, it’s not easy to book a table at Noma, but it’s worth waiting a while, because once you get there, you’d rather not eat anywhere else.

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Masalawala and Sons

Brooklyn’s food district has long been a magnet for foodies. A place not to be missed for culinary adventurers Masalawala and Sons On Fifth Avenue for great Indian food.

The waiting list currently has six hundred people, so it’s worth planning your entire trip to New York around available dates and schedules.


the Mrs. The restaurant is also located in New York, and, according to experts, you can taste the best seafood there. The legendary restaurant has a waiting list of about twelve weeks, but even then it is impossible to get a table if you are not a member of its exclusive club. Membership allows you to book a table all year round, so Dame is an essential perk for regular guests.

Sukiyabashi Jiro

The world-famous restaurant in Tokyo is located near the Ginza subway station. A true hidden gem that only the most discerning traveler will find. If they enter, they can taste the best sushi in the world. Unlike modern restaurants that offer all you can eat or fast food solutions, A.J Sukiyabashi Jiro Fearlessly protects sushi-making traditions.

However, booking is a real challenge for several reasons.

There are only ten seats available in the restaurant, on the other hand, no one is allowed in, reservations are not taken on public platforms, but you can only enter through luxury hotels in Tokyo after a waiting list of several months.

(Source: TravelImages: official Facebook pages)

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get it

A great city will pay you to eat there for a few more weeks

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“The best restaurant in Europe” on the Italian coast

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