It is so cold in Canada that penguins are not allowed to go outside to the zoo

It is so cold in Canada that penguins are not allowed to go outside to the zoo

A surprise announcement was made on January 14th at the Calgary Zoo. He wrote that due to the biting cold in the city, the daily walking of penguins would be delayed indefinitely.

Do you think it can be so cold that it’s actually too much for penguins? It seems. At the Calgary Zoo in Canada, a program called The Walk of the King Penguins has been suspended indefinitely. The zoo justified the decision on the grounds that extreme cold of around -25 ° C would endanger the health of the birds. Writes Daily Hive Local newspaper.

The zoo is the decision on Facebook Advertise. One man expressed in the posts baffled that if penguins live in Antarctica, where they can be as cold as -60 degrees at times, how can they not endure the Canadian winter of -25 degrees.

In response, the zoo clarified that the royal penguins that participate in their daily walking tours do not come from Antarctica, but rather from sub-Antarctic islands to the north, where temperatures rarely drop below -15 degrees. However, penguins are unlikely to be particularly anxious about temperatures ten degrees below this, but the zoo is unwilling to take unnecessary risks even when the risks are low.

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