It is said that it is impossible to meet the latest challenge of Metal Gear Solid V.

It is said that it is impossible to meet the latest challenge of Metal Gear Solid V.

Did You Know Gaming Channel Followed in the video What happened to the final challenge in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, where players are tasked with dismantling and deactivating all nuclear weapons and creating world peace within the game. The easy idea is that these weapons can be developed by the players themselves in their base, so they had to scan an entire server for the promised reward – at least at the regional level.

Although the win animation has long been pulled from the game by data miners, the actual implementation of the challenge has never been possible for players, and probably never will be. This was revealed to the channel by the team at The Anti-Nuke Gang, who at one point was obsessed with this goal and could only achieve it by hacking – an attempt Konami deemed, of course, invalid.

However, The Anti-Nuke Gang found it impossible to take on the game’s ultimate challenge without outside help, one reason being that the accounts that were blocked at the same time contained nukes and were inaccessible – a mistake that Konami hasn’t improved since then.

The problem is also that the numbers work against them: Metal Gear Solid V has sold very well, so there are plenty of nukes too, and crooks can easily double their arsenal. After all, there are simply some nuclear weapons that don’t belong to any base – they also don’t know what to do with samples that the team just calls “phantom weapons”.

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By the way, world peace is taken very seriously by gamers – that’s why 1 teaspoon Konami It also helped – because it was speculated that this would have led to Chapter 3 of Metal Gear Solid V, also discovered by data miners, which is given the nickname “Peace” with a noble simplicity. By the way, many argue that this chapter is really over, as the theory says that the father of the game, Hideo Kojima, could no longer finish it due to his confrontation with Konami.

Kojima, by the way, in February this year as a social experiment Referred to for the in-game event.

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