It is one of the oldest restaurants in the world, over 1200 years old

It is one of the oldest restaurants in the world, over 1200 years old

The catering unit mentioned in the address is located in neighboring Austria. However, you usually have to go much further for the old restaurants.

The Roadster. hu He compiled a thematic list of the oldest operating restaurants.

The oldest restaurant in Europe We have to go inside the walls of St. Peter’s Abbey in Salzburg, which is located in neighboring Austria, if we want to dine at the Sankt Peter Stiftskiolinarium.


The first written mention of the place dates back to 803. The size of the restaurant is also impressive, with 11 rooms and can accommodate about 620 guests at the same time, along with an outside terrace for 300 people.

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Athlone, Ireland, has the oldest pub in the world, Bar Schon, next to the ruins of a 12th-century Norman castle. The pub was probably founded in 900, making it the oldest public building in the state.

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For the third oldest place on the list, we have to travel to Germany, exactly to Regensburg. Wurstkuchl Restaurant was founded in 1146. The specialty of the place is the frying of homemade sauerkraut on charcoal with pork sausage.

According to the editorials, the following is a Chinese place on the list in chronological order: Ma Yu Ching Restaurant in Kajfeng, where the most outstanding dish is the fried chicken soup. They have been waiting for guests since 1153.

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Since the establishment of Brazen Head in Dublin in 1198 It used to function as a bar and brewery and is still waiting for thirsty tourists with open arms.

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