It is not possible to talk about comfort yet

It is not possible to talk about comfort yet

According to the prime minister, the situation is not easy.

We have also passed the second round of consultations on pandemics. The important day is that we started getting Chinese vaccines today. Viktor Orban said on his Facebook page on Wednesday that this gives me hope that perhaps sometime next week, the defense leaders will be in line. The Prime Minister said in the video that the situation is not easy. We have good news here that more vaccines will arrive, and thus the number of vaccinated people will increase, but in the meantime the third wave threatens Hungary.

These two directions, these two curves are working against each other

he added.

So he asked to vaccinate the largest possible number of people.

We can’t talk about comfort yet

Is without.

He said there is a case that will be heard. This means that nursing home residents “who have already been vaccinated at more than 80 percent” are not permitted to visit or leave institutions. They want to find a humanly acceptable solution to this matter.

The Prime Minister is currently consulting with epidemiologists. Viktor Orban said after Tuesday that he had been informed that the wave of infections was in its growing third phase.

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