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It is no longer the oldest mystery on earth

It is no longer the oldest mystery on earth

The newly established theory of scientists from the University of Zurich attempts to explain the origin of the Earth and the chemical composition of our planet from an entirely new light.

According to the prevailing theory in astrophysics and cosmology, the Earth was formed from small stone meteorites with cores, called chondrites, formed in the early stages of the solar system – Written by The Independent.

However, according to Paolo Susi, a professor at the Federal University of Technology in Zurich (ETH), the problem with the hypothesis is that the exact composition of the Earth cannot be explained by the rocks.

The collisions of the raw materials that make up the Earth produced huge amounts of heat and evaporated the lighter elements, so the Earth must be poorer in hydrogen and helium than expected. If the evaporation theory is correct, we will find fewer isotopes of light on Earth today than the original meteorites. But isotopic measurements do not show thisSusi said.

According to the researchers’ latest theory, the planets of the solar system were formed by accretion of smaller

Cosmic dust particles grew into planetary spores,

that are heated enough to separate the mineral core from the mantle. Planetary seeds formed at different times can have completely different chemical compositions.

Scientists simulated the collision of thousands of small planets to see if they could coalesce into planets in the solar system.

The simulations revealed that a combination of many different planets led to the most likely scenario for an Earth-type planet. In this way, we not only get close to the formation of the Earth, but also the explanation for the birth of other rocky planets may be revealedRussian explained.

With the new discovery, scientists can also easily understand how the composition of Mercury differs, for example, from that of other rocky planets.

The cover photo is an illustration.

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