Many video games have been made and will be made in the future, and their greatest advantage is the visual world: with constant development we have more and more beautiful images, but if we look into the past, we always find mistakes. But if all goes well, we will soon be able to get flawless images with Unreal Engine 5. We wrote about the game engine earlier here:

In this new environment, any creator can unleash his imagination, there are really no limits, the result can be realistic. Lorenzo Drago also showed us this through a video.

In the video above, the 3D artist has placed a somewhat dirty and dilapidated train station. The station, reminiscent of Kbánya-Kispest in recent years, is in real life in Japan, but these photos were not taken there: all we see is computer work, and this is not the real Etchü-Daimon train station.

However, in the meantime, we will have to wait for all this to spread to video games: such creations can be very demanding on the machine, not only unprotected by home groups of field users, but even players’ machines will have to reproduce. This visual world is right inside the game.