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It is important to comply with protection measures even during long weekends

It is important to comply with protection measures even during long weekends

March 12, 2021 – 14:21

It is also important to adhere to protection measures during the long weekend, the deputy head of the recall center for the operational strain responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic stressed in an online press conference on Friday, stressing that the gathering is also prohibited on March 15th. The operative torso asks to avoid crowded places.

Robert Case said that according to available data, on the occasion of National Day, by March 15, several individuals had invited residents to social media in several parts of the city. The presenter warned that it is forbidden to organize, hold or attend an event or meeting, adding that the gathering threatens the health of ourselves and others, and combating the epidemic.
He said strict safeguards are needed specifically to prevent the virus from spreading.
Who could avoid the usual big shopping in crowded stores before long weekends, Robert Case asked not to participate in a larger group.
He said that the police took measures 507 times on Thursday for non-compliance with the obligation to wear masks, so 30,597 police measures have been taken for non-compliance with the rules for wearing masks since the government decree on protection measures was issued for the epidemic preparedness period. Take effect on September 21.
Robert Case said 461 actions were needed on Thursday to violate the rules for wearing public masks. Another 24 people were taken because they did not wear masks on buses, trams and stations, and 22 did not wear protective gear in shops and malls.
On Thursday, police officers did not have to take action to violate the stricter rules around restaurants, so the authority did not have to make a decision on the temporary closure of restaurants.
He indicated that 380 police measures were needed on Thursday in relation to the curfew and the ban on gatherings, bringing the total number of non-compliant people to 48,919 in relation to the curfew imposed last November and the curfew that replaced it.
Last day, the police needed 44 actions against those who violated the transit rules. Passengers have been screened since September last year, and 13,295 actions have been taken against people not yet in compliance.
On the last day, he explained, 16,727 cases were personally examined by the police in the official home quarantine. The number of people under official home quarantine has risen again, 7,292 of these restrictive measures were issued on Thursday, and there are currently 48,677 people in official home quarantine. Of these, 4,737 pledged to police to check online compliance with quarantine rules.
The Lieutenant Colonel said that 549 crimes related to the epidemic have been prosecuted since March of last year, and 109 suspects have been questioned so far.
In response to a question from a journalist, he said they found that there were an exceptionally high number of violations of the rules for the use of masks in public places, but that they also continue to conduct inspections on public transport and stores. You can expect larger crowds to gather in the stores, he said, so people should only go shopping when absolutely necessary.
In response to a question from a journalist, he said that the rules on border controls and entry restrictions only apply to entry into passenger movement, not to international freight traffic. Any person who is not a Hungarian citizen may enter Hungary, except for a decision of an administrative authority issued by the head of the police department at the place of entry he authorizes. If entered, the non-Hungarian citizen will be placed in official home quarantine.
Hungarian citizens can enter the country’s territory, but if they show symptoms of the disease, they are placed in an ad hoc quarantine. If they do not show symptoms of the disease, they are required to have official home quarantine. Entry will be considered if a person can demonstrate a negative PCR test issued in the Schengen area, the United States or Canada.
There is no change in the status of travelers: if a Hungarian citizen travels from a radius of 30 kilometers from the border to one of the neighboring countries and his journey does not exceed 24 hours, he will not return to the official home quarantine upon his return. He drew attention to the need for those concerned to monitor entry restrictions to neighboring countries. Hungarian entry restrictions apply to entry into the territory of Hungary, if one intends to travel abroad, one must take into account the restrictions of the particular country.
The rules have been tightened with regard to business and economic travel, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade organized a group of countries whose territory the person concerned would not be placed under official local quarantine.

MTI 12 March 2021

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