It is heating up her old idea of ​​Motorola

It is heating up her old idea of ​​Motorola

A decade ago, the concept of a computerized phone wasn’t brought up, but thanks to advances in technology, a second attempt now has a better chance.

Motorola and innovation, pushing boundaries have always been good friends. In the United States, for example, a company founded in 1928 produced the first mobile phone in 1971. But later (like Nokia) the manufacturer turned a little slowly when smartphones came out.

Then attempts were made to address this problem through special solutions such as Atrix 4G released in 2011. Compared to the technological level of this era, a very powerful mobile phone can be connected to a not very powerful laptop through a docking station and using the phone toolbar on its screen. Although the solution was highly regarded in many professional forums, sales did not confirm the viability of the business idea.

Motorola, or more specifically the mobility division, which grew out of the previous company, turned to Google over the past decade and then joined Lenovo in less than two years. However, Motorola, a subsidiary of the Japanese manufacturer, remains active and makes itself heard from time to time.

Let’s try again

For example, A. Ready for The platform, which will be available for the first time in the US for Edge Plus owners. The latest model was launched last year and is considered the most serious member of Motorola’s portfolio. By combining a flagship mobile phone with a ready-made, you will be able to achieve something similar to what the engineers dreamed of that year with Atrix 4G.

This is because by connecting your phone to an external monitor or almost any TV, you can use it as if you were running a traditional computer. For complete convenience, you can add a Bluetooth keyboard or console to control your games to your mobile phone’s arsenal.

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According to the official announcement about the platform, all of this will be very easy to use in practice, as no other program or application is required to run it. The connected terminal devices are automatically detected by the phone and you can decide what and where the owner wants to see it on their control panel.

In addition to the fact that something is transferred from a mobile phone to a larger device, the phone can still be used separately thanks to multiple tasks, such as video chatting or any other function.

For complete comfort and stylish ergonomics, special support will also arrive in April for Edge Plus, which will allow the mobile phone to be fixed in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Where is the science already ?!

What was a dream ten years ago may now be a fully functional model. This is made possible not only by the fact that the capabilities of phones have improved many times, but also, for example, by the spread of stable and high-speed access to the Internet at home, not to mention the emergence of 5G. It is no coincidence that Motorola can no longer be considered a leader in this area, as Samsung’s DeX platform is also trying to expand our phone usage habits in this area.

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