It is Edit Frajt's rarely seen husband: they smile in a joint photo with Pál - the local star

It is Edit Frajt’s rarely seen husband: they smile in a joint photo with Pál – the local star

It runs from 1987 to 1999 Neighbour It was such a hit in our country that TV viewers felt like its characters were almost family.

Farragut edited Many people also locked it in their hearts Mágenheim as Julia. Nothing could prove this better than the fact that the actress is still addressed by strangers on the street as if they were old acquaintances.

Editing Farragut’s husband

Through the series, the audience also learned about his family: his daughter was literally born into the series. Francisca played Flora, the youngest daughter of the Magenheim couple. Although he appears in front of the cameras, the nobleman rarely sees his real father.

To this day it is rare to see Edit Frajt with her husband, electrical engineer Pál Nicsovics. The The couple has been living away from the capital for three decades. They settled in Szentendre, where they spent their daily lives in the greatest splendor.

– My husband and I have been living in the suburbs for thirty years, and we love being here. That’s right, we still haven’t managed to finish the construction, because there’s work to do every day, but that’s just the way it is. The actress gave a glimpse into her life with her husband in the best magazine.

Julie Magenheim’s eldest daughter was played by Anita Opel, and the youngest was Edith Farragt’s real-life daughter. Francesca Nexovich is now 35 years old.

Photo: Hungarian TV/Neighbours

As an electrical engineer, Pál does everything around the house himself, and the actress also helps with DIY. However, if you are not working on renovations, you still have a lot to do around the house.

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– I love gardening and cooking, while I run the house, I take care of my family and our five dogs, with whom I never get bored for a minute!

Relationship between Anita Opel and Janus Kolka

In Szomszédok, János Kulka played the emergency doctor dám Mágenheim, and Anita bel played his eldest daughter Julcsi, who transforms from a teenager into a teenager and then into a young woman before the eyes of the TV viewers.

Cover photo: Magyar Televízíó / Szomszédok

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