It is doubtful whether the UK will stay together after Brexit

The British Union could disintegrate as more and more people in Scotland and Northern Ireland would support the independence referendum.

According to a recent survey, British self-awareness is deteriorating and the cohesive strength of the kingdom is in question, according to the V4NA news agency.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland too, people tend to call another referendum that would allow their independence from the UK, according to a recent poll.

According to a Times survey conducted in all four countries of the British Union, British identity, which brought the member states of the island nation together, is weakening, and it is doubtful how long London can weather the emerging debate on the issue.

Scottish independence has been on stage for years, and after many other statistics, it is reiterated that half of Scots would support separation from the United Kingdom.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has already announced that after Brexit, if Boris Johnson does not allow a referendum on the country’s secession, the Scottish government will do so with parliamentary authority.

Northern Ireland’s independence received less media coverage, as the border issue came to prominence more during the Brexit negotiations. However, according to the survey

Fifty-one percent of Northern Irish people would like to call a referendum on border settlement within the next five years.

And the Federal Party, which called for unity, was only 5 percent ahead of those calling for a united Ireland.

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Despite the conflicts, for now, the vast majority of English and Welsh respondents do not want independence. However, the survey made clear that Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon did not speak on air, and all four European Union countries agree that this will be decided within the next ten years and

Scotland is likely to continue its career as an independent country.

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