It is clear that the "green corridor" of the European Union does not replace the Hungarian identity card

It is clear that the “green corridor” of the European Union does not replace the Hungarian identity card

Szijjártó: It is clear that the “green corridor” of the European Union does not replace the Hungarian identity card

Bilateral travel agreements already concluded with other countries cannot be revoked in any way by any EU vaccine passport or EU regulation – this is what Peter Szeggarto said on the issue of the Automated Transport Vehicle (ATV). “First, we should get vaccinations for women and gentlemen in Brussels, and then entertain each other with various proposals,” the foreign minister said.

It is clear that if there is a European “green corridor”, it will in no way cross national regulations. Because there is no rule in the European Union that can prevent any member state from accepting anyone it wants to recognize. Peter Szegarto answered today at a press conference with the Czech foreign minister that “bilateral agreements cannot in any way be broken by any green corridor or any other regulations.” Approval in Brussels on June 21 to replace the Hungarian Protection Card or bilateral agreements already concluded by the Foreign Minister.

In response to a question about whether the European “vaccine passport” can differentiate between the European Union vaccines and the East, the foreign and foreign ministers said: “Not to mention that he has already reached six agreements so far.” But, he said, “There are a number of other negotiations with the Visegrad countries, for example.”

Peter Szegarto confirmed: with whom he discussed so far, no one wants to differentiate according to vaccines. Everyone announced why a vaccine is being registered in a particular country, why not travel with it.

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The issue also became topical because Politico wrote on the EU vaccine passport that it could be agreed already on 21 June in Brussels. According to the index article, after a transition period of a few weeks, the EU Green Corridor will be in effect.

Chancellor Jirjili Julias will be in March He cited Merkel’s opinion in a government brief About why he did not put it on the protection certificate What someone mentioned, whether it was western or eastern vaccination, “because it is up to a national authority to make a decision.”

“It would be a strange situation …”

Now, in response to a question from Péter Szijjártó’s Automated Transport Vehicle (ATV), he said: “It is hard to imagine that any of the excellent bureaucrats in Brussels or the international media would think of themselves as having a better understanding of vaccines than WHO experts, For example … So, I think it would be a strange situation, I think, for anyone to say that a globally approved vaccine is ineffective. “

Regarding our question regarding “expectations in Brussels,” the foreign minister said: “Perhaps for the first time we should focus on keeping the European Union at the bottom of the world ranking when it comes to vaccination rates. So far, 28 percent of the European Union population has been vaccinated, and 61 percent. In Israel, 52 percent in Britain, 45 percent in the United States, 39 percent in Canada, 28 percent in the European Union, that includes 44 percent, which raises that average well. Maybe first, maybe the bureaucrats in Brussels should first strive to get a vaccine, to vaccinate people in Europe, to protect them, to protect their health and lives, and then I think everything else should be on the agenda, ”the foreign minister said:“ You have to get it. First, on a vaccine for women and gentlemen in Brussels, then after that, entertain each other with different proposals. “

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Czech Foreign Minister: The travel agreement will be reached within days

At a press conference on the ATV, Czech Foreign Minister Jakob Kulhanek said that the European Union passport and the card approved under national competence are not mutually exclusive. The European Union Card is welcome to be introduced in July.

Like Peter Szegarto, the Czech foreign minister already announced at the press conference that a Hungarian-Czech manual travel agreement would be reached in a few days, but most likely by the end of the week.

‘Good tidings from Rome’

At the press conference, Péter Szijjártó reiterated RTL Klub’s question that travel agreements are also being negotiated with V4s. But, he said, vaccination is lower in many other countries than in Hungary. The foreign minister stated that Rome, for example, has already indicated that “good news” may soon come about the agreement.

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