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It is better that these five countries deal with the collapse of civilization

Scientists have been thinking for some time about scenarios that might happen if modern human civilization collapses. New research at the Ruskin University (ARU) Institute for Global Sustainability in England has estimated which countries today will be most resilient to future systemic threats from climate change and other global problems.

We face challenges in the future

a Sustainability A study published in a scientific journal examined the factors that could lead to such a scenario, with researchers focusing on a combination of environmental destruction, resource depletion, and population growth. Then experts examined today’s countries, and They assessed how supply chains, international agreements and global financial structures developed there after this disaster.

New Zealand creates the best conditions, according to researchSource: Northfoto

Basically, globalization has been studied, but the opposite is true. Scientists have finally come to the conclusion that New Zealand is probably the best place to survive the “storm”, while Iceland, the United Kingdom, Australia (specifically Tasmania) and Ireland are still on the list of possible countries.
Future challenges, environmental destruction, limited resources, and population growth can reduce the complexity of our civilization, particularly by acting as a “multi-risk multiplier” for climate change. Nick King and Aled Jones, professors at Ruskin University in England, explain ZME Science Online science portal.

They stress that because we live in a highly interconnected and interconnected world today, any local decline can fluctuate rapidly across the globe and affect us all.

Several aspects have been examined

In their study, the researchers examined self-sufficiency (energy and production infrastructure), labor capacity (land available for arable agriculture and total population), and isolation (distance from other large population centers) in countries around the world. The next step was to assess the individual and local potential of each “candidate” in agriculture and energy production.

Iceland is in second placeSource: Norbert Figueroa

Scientists have finally come to the conclusion that they believe that New Zealand, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Tasmania and Ireland may be the countries with the best conditions to survive a possible global meltdown,While maintaining a high level of social, technological and organizational complexity, i.e. civilization.

All five of these countries are characterized by a strong oceanic climate, low temperatures and changes in precipitation. Taken together, these conditions are likely to allow countries to remain fairly stable despite the effects of climate change.

Ireland also has favorable conditionsSource: Pinterest

The goal of our study is to show which countries we think are best to deal with such a breakdown, and to highlight the importance of measures to address the interrelated factors of climate change, agricultural capacity and domestic energy. The study authors explain. – We believe that more production capacity and reliance on complexity may be required to improve the resilience of countries with less favorable starting conditions.

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