“It is a heart-warming feeling,” said Muhammad Aida about her daughter.

A month ago, he fielded 64 at the Torino Dagger Grand Prix, and last weekend he won a bronze medal in the Hungarian Cup qualifier. Mohammed Aida. The 47-year-old excellent Hungarian fencer is still among the best, but he told our paper that competitions require a different kind of preparation.

Mehmet Aida becomes the Hungarian record holder at the Tokyo Olympics Photo: Tibor Illyés

I have to work more consciously than before

Muhammad Aida said. “I championed Pashto earlier and everything seemed so simple. Now I have to put more effort into how I prepare for the race. It takes more time for you to feel sharp, and here I don’t just think about the physical condition, but also the mental condition. The most important thing is To find myself again.”

The World Cup competition will be held in April, and this will be the first Olympic qualifying event. A bar floats in front of Aida’s eyes Parislike It will be his eighth Olympics. It’s already seven Hungarian weeks Record holderCanada’s Ian Millar (jumper) holds the absolute top with ten appearances from five rings. However, Aida is also professionally prepared for this and does not want to get carried away.

I’m progressing step by step, and my big goal is to get back on the team. If I can start in EC and WC, that would be an important step. My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Olympics, but I have to do everything I can to make it happen.

The player emphasized that adequate replenishment is important to her, and that she has time for her family despite the hard preparation. Last Sunday, for example, his youngest daughter, Watch Laila at the Opera Housewho appeared as a member of the children’s choir in János vítez.

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“It’s such a heartwarming feeling to see your daughter in such an environment. Laila enjoys it and has found a medium that she can rely on in the future. Never before have theater and music been really present in my life, a whole new world has opened up to me, which is so exciting. I learn so much from her.” Children, so I also develop and become colorful.

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