It is a crime for Russians to fly into British airspace

Wallace said in a briefing in the House of Commons in London: Britain’s original goal was to supply Ukraine with 2,000 light armor-piercing weapons, but in the wake of increased aggression by the Russian armed forces, it added another 1,165 weapons, leaving the current one. Transport unit with 3615 light armor-piercing devices. London will soon deliver a small amount of Javelin anti-tank missiles to the Ukrainian army.

According to the British Minister of Defense, London is also studying the possibility of transferring portable STARStreak anti-aircraft missile systems. It goes like this: although Russia has not achieved full control of Ukrainian airspace, defensive measures must be taken to ensure that the aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force can fly and repel attacks by the Russian Air Force.

These devices fall into the category of defensive weapons systems, and the British government is expanding the range of these shipments so that they do not escalate on a strategic scale.

More penalties

The British Foreign Office said on Wednesday that further tightening of the ban on aircraft owned, operated or owned by Russia in the United Kingdom would come into effect.

Among these, the ministry highlighted a bill that, once passed, would make it a criminal offense for any Russian aircraft to fly in British airspace or land on British soil.

The proposed law extends to any aircraft owned, leased or operated by persons or organizations of Russia.

The legislation also allows the British government to confiscate or remove aircraft belonging to persons belonging to Russia from the British aircraft registry if the aircraft is registered in the United Kingdom.

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The British government on Wednesday banned the export of aerospace products and technology to Russia and the provision of services related to these sectors, such as insurance and reinsurance, to Russia.

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, this also means that insurance contracts already in place will expire and that UK-based insurers and reinsurers will not be able to make payments for insurance claims against Russian companies in the two sectors.

Already on the day of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the British government announced that it would ban Russian aircraft from entering Britain with immediate effect, MTI wrote.

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