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It hasn’t been announced yet, but Apple’s VR headset is already running Windows XP

It hasn’t been announced yet, but Apple’s VR headset is already running Windows XP

We got an answer to one of Vision Pro’s most pressing questions beforehand.

While this wasn’t a bit surprising given the rumors have been circulating for months, Apple kicked off the summer with a big announcement when it unveiled the company’s first AR/VR headset at its WWDC developer conference in June.

Based on what we know so far, the $3,500 device and the VisionOS operating system that runs on it will be optimized for content consumption, promising customers financial experiences they can’t get with other products. This, according to the signs, also includes nostalgia.

Developers of UTM Virtual Machines for Mac were able to launch Windows XP into the virtual space created by the headset while enjoying the Vision Pro simulation development suite. Microsoft’s legendary operating system comes to life on a floating screen, filling the entire room with an unmistakable view of the Bliss, or Lanka wallpaper.

The only beauty flaw in this game is that the UTM team hasn’t solved the peripherals connection yet, so you can’t do much with good old XP except look at the green hill. However, the developers write that this is just a preview, so it’s easy to see Solitaire or Flipper on Apple’s helmet when Vision Pro launches at the beginning of next year.

By the way, interested parties have had access to the premium AR / VR headset developer pool since the end of July, for which they must be participants in the Apple Developer Program and meet strict conditions.

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