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It has been announced that Hungary is regulating Facebook and large tech companies

It has been announced that Hungary is regulating Facebook and large tech companies

“We don’t want to achieve anything more in relation to big tech companies than legal, transparent and verifiable processes. Nothing else applies to other companies, large companies or small entrepreneurs,” wrote Judit Varga.

So far, the Minister of Justice has not published how the regulation should be envisioned and the companies that will be affected in the first place.

It is assumed that they will mainly target Facebook and other social platforms, whose organization emerged after intense censorship began on political actors near the 2020 US presidential elections. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube also banned the then US President Donald Trump. There is a good chance that the new rules will somehow prevent censorship of political content from appearing on the pages.

Here’s what was also suggested by Judit Varga’s Facebook post:

“We continue to work together to prepare for a similar organization in the federation, but recent events have shown that we need to move faster to protect people. After all, anyone can now be arbitrarily separated from the internet space without any formal, transparent and fair compensation procedures.”

Based on this, social sites are also subject to European Union and local regulations.

Bakers, hairdressers, retirees, teachers, small and large companies, and government leaders can also be separated. Intentional, ideological, or work-related digital harm can no longer be left without consequences in Hungary! Judit Varga writes.

Thus, depending on the entry, in addition to the fines that are often imposed on companies, there may even be imprisonment.

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The procedure may also be interesting because in most European countries and the United States, the law exempts Facebook and other social sites from legal consequences for the content appearing on their platforms. If Hungary, as a member state of the European Union, decides to start imposing sanctions on sites due to their censorship activities (or lack thereof), local regulations may precede other countries.

We have written here about history:

Cover photo: MTI Photo / Szilárd Koszticsák

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