It does not jeopardize Austria's inaugural plans for the Indian convert

It does not jeopardize Austria’s inaugural plans for the Indian convert

The Austrian daily Der Standard quoted MTI as saying on Sunday that the mutation of the Indian virus does not threaten Austria’s inaugural plans. Wolfgang Macstein Minister of Health who gave an interview to the Austrian news agency APA.

In recent days, five newly registered positive cases have been suspected of having an Indian mutation in the coronavirus, two of which were found in Salzburg and three in Mikloshalma, near the Hungarian border. The samples taken are still under testing, and a clear and accurate result is expected by the middle of next week.

The minister said Austria had already ordered a ban on entry to aircraft from India early Thursday, and authorities in both provinces had conducted very meticulous contact research.

In any case, we are making it difficult for the Indian boom to spread to Hungary

Hopefully added.

Starting May 19, anyone wishing to go to a restaurant, theater, or just a soccer match will have to prove that they have been vaccinated or have recovered from the disease, but if not, they will always need to have a negative coronavirus test. The antigen test will be valid for 48 hours and the PCR test for 72 hours. Those who have already received at least the first dose of the vaccine and 21 days after administration do not need to test themselves.

For now, various certificates will be available for entry in May. Mückstein does not expect the digital release before June, because the QR-coded version that can be stored on the phone must comply with data protection regulations in all respects, and this will take time to develop. He stressed that he hoped that a common European solution to the green passport would be found as soon as possible, which would uniformly regulate travel conditions between member states.

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The head of the ministry did not rule out the possibility of tightening even in the national openings planned for May, if certain provinces or regions show deterioration in epidemiological data.

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