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It contradicts the science of what happened at the end of the real world

It contradicts the science of what happened at the end of the real world

Just last Friday, two days before the conclusion of ValóVilág, a research analysis reached our editorial office, which aimed to present the most likely final outcome of the reality show. The research team at Ynsight Research has made a prediction about which player has the best chance of winning the $36 million jackpot using the netnography method. But what happened on Sunday completely exceeded scientific speculation.

The analysis states, among other things, that:

  • Based on the aggregate data, Riku and Lisa are the most popular, but Riku will return from his duel tonight. Krishti will be her biggest rival in the final on Sunday, but she will also defeat him based on netizens’ comments.
  • According to the current situation, Rikuo and Lisa are the most popular, but the first place belongs to Rikuo. From tonight’s duel, he has the best chance of returning to the villa. If this happens, she has the best chance of winning the main prize in the finals, but with Lisa eliminated, Krishti will be her biggest competitor. According to the data collected, Melina is by far the most hated player. (…) Although Milena’s fan base also appears on her own Instagram page, which she defends and supports, it seems that this will not be enough to win.
  • When examining the platform, the judgment of individual players (…) on Facebook differs, as in the overall results, Rico and Lisa are the favorites, but Rico is liked by a much higher percentage than Lissa. Kriszti is still in third place, even though her opinion is already moving in a negative direction. Reni Kriszti follows not far behind, and Milena is also the most unpopular player on this platform.
  • We primarily log organic mentions on the Reddit interface. All players on this forum are negatively rated. The least hated character in this case is Lissa, followed by Rico and Kriszti with much worse judgment than we’ve seen previously. Rainey is back in fourth place, while last place still goes to Melina, who seems to be the most hated on Reddit.
  • It’s gotten somewhat better on the actors’ Instagram pages. Lisa again in the first place, most of her fans wrote under her photos, and she rarely receives negative comments. Riku and Krishti are a close second neck and neck. Renee’s popularity took a negative turn here as well, many of her fans were disappointed that she didn’t put a blue sash on Melina. As for Milena, as already mentioned, although she has a fan base, even this is not enough to turn her rating into a positive one.
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So the researchers estimated that Rico would win the competition, however, he only made it to third place in the final. Two women, Krishti and Melina, were in the final. In the end, the show ended with the victory of the former. At the beginning of ValóVilág’s history, the reality show was usually won by men, and for a long time it seemed that women had no chance of winning. However, something has changed in recent years, and she has already won for the third time in a row.

Featured image: VV Kriszti in the moment after victory (Photo: RTL/Sajtóklub)

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