It can be accepted as early as this week to facilitate entry into the European Union from the United States

Based on national officials It’s called Politico: On Wednesday, the ambassadors of the European Union reached an agreement, among other things

The United States must also be included in the European Union’s list to facilitate its entry into the European Union from that country.

Officially, “EU List of Epidemiologically Safe Countries during Covid-19” List of names With this idea, the European Commission came up with the idea that member states can reopen all or part of their borders to those coming from third countries (ie countries outside the EU and outside the European Economic Area).

The list, which has nothing to do with the EU Green Card, which is expected to enter into force in the EU on July 1, could include countries in which the Council of Ministers has decided that the epidemic situation is very good and the number of newcomers. Infection is so low that entry restrictions (such as quarantine or PCR testing obligations) are relaxed or even waived.

It is important, however, that

Listing is not legally binding on member states, they just have to take into account the council classification when setting their entry rules.

There are currently nine states on the list included: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand, and China (including Hong Kong and Macau). You can join this list as well as US Information – Politics to me – Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia, Lebanon and Taiwan.

The current deal, according to Politico, is officially expected over the weekend will be signedIt will be part of the European Commission determinationTo bring back tourists to EU member states for the summer.

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Some European countries, such as France or Greece, have already lifted all travel restrictions imposed on the United States. From the United States to Hungary, by the way – the rules are currently in force Based on Only Hungarian citizens who have been vaccinated with a vaccine authorized in the EU or Hungary can enter, but they can do so without restrictions.

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