Igazi rémálom lehet nyáron a folyadékhűtéses gamer asztal kép

It can be a real nightmare in the summer at the liquid-cooled gaming table

It is clear that the unusual chassis can cool computers well, but it is no coincidence that this is not a common solution.

Assembling a computer at home is not complicated, as most components actually have a pre-built space, but there are challenges that many gamers can still face.

Under heavy load, the device gets quite hot, and it doesn’t really matter how we try to keep it at a safe temperature. Water cooling is becoming more and more popular, which is reliable, quiet, and, if you have a full table, very efficient.

Linus Tech Tips showed you how to make a gaming table that not only keeps your peripherals safe, but also cools your device. The idea comes from a viewer on the channel, miraculously named Depressed Zip File, and it’s basically not completely stupid. As you can see from the video below, during implementation the FlexiSpot table was used as a base, complemented by water-cooled Alphacool and Protocase tires.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy-to-assemble structure at home, as eight 560mm coolers were used, sockets were laser cut, and even hydraulic power was required for everything.

The result, on the other hand, speaks for itself. While Doom Eternal was running, the RTX 3090 overheated to 53 degrees, while at the highest settings, the game ran at over 200 frames per second with ray tracing. The Intel Core i9-12900KS processor in the machine was warmer, coming in at 82 degrees, but overall performance is still impressive.

There is obviously also a downside to this thing, as you have to let the heat go somewhere, which also completely heats up the table top. It can come in handy in the winter, but in the summer heat it can be a very daunting experience.

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Of course, the idea is still great, although it is not worth expecting large manufacturers to immediately invent a water-cooled table.

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