It appears that a new hard-line leader has been chosen by Iran

It appears that a new hard-line leader has been chosen by Iran

Hemmati reads in a letter: “I hope his government – led by Ayatollah Ali Hamini – will bring prosperity and contentment to our country.”

Although the Home Ministry said vote counting is still ongoing and previously announced that a final assembly was expected on Sunday, it wasn’t long before outgoing President Hassan Rohan confirmed his election victory.

“Congratulations to the people for their decision. Official congratulations are yet to come, but we already know who got enough votes in the elections, and who was elected by the state today,” Rohan announced on television, although he did not say the winner.

Agence France-Presse learns that Raisi’s victory has been recognized by his three opponents – via Instagram, Twitter or Iranian media.

Iran held a presidential election on Friday, with turnout estimated to have been record low. Expectations were that Raisi would be almost certain to end the elections. Rizi, who previously served as Tehran’s chief prosecutor, can claim support for Ayatollah Ali Hamini, the main religious and political leader of the Shiite state.

Initially, more than six hundred candidates wanted to run for elections, but the 12-member Guard Council, which screened candidates and preserved the Islamic nature of the state, allowed only seven candidates.

Cover photo source: Majed Saidi/Getty Images.

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