It also revealed at the G7 summit that the United States still wants to dictate

The countries of Europe are over-represented in numbers in the Group of Seven, which includes the world’s most developed countries. Between weeks, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy will also be seated there. Even two years ago, the British were still listed here. Through senior EU officials, they are given a seat at the negotiating table, albeit not as a full member. There are even leaders from the United States, Canada and Japan at the table. The leaders of the informal groups met last weekend in Corwall, England. Foreign policy analyst David Szabo provided an assessment of the European Time program broadcast by Kossuth Radio.

With regard to the European Union, it is important to note that it has the right to be consulted, but in practice it only exists in an observer capacity. However, the positive factor for smaller member states is that they can play a negotiating role in representing one of the world’s largest economies through the President of the European Commission and the Council.

It became clear at the last summit that the new US administration was trying to dictate control, since most of the initiatives came from it, but Germany and France are still inescapable players. Italy should be at the top of the list because of the current domestic and economic situation.

From the point of view of the union, the British split is a big argument for the G7 formula, and the United States is trying to get involved in matters of interest to the British Isles, mainly because it has a major economic position for Ireland, like many of its countries. Large companies located on the island.

The main topics of the summit were climate protection, epidemic management, World Trade Organization reform and partnership with China.

The group of weeks has verbally committed to phasing out fossil fuel cars and eliminating carbon use, but no specific date has been set. The attendees decided to allocate two billion dollars (more than 300 billion forints) to developing countries to help them shift from using coal and oil to environmentally friendly energy production methods. This compensation can be very beneficial to them, since they are not able to create the internal resources necessary to make the transition on their own.

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Critical statements were made at the meeting about the situation of China, which is not a member of the G7, but the Asian superpower must be recognized as an inevitable and integral player in the global economy.

The entire conversation can be heard again here

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