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István Ujeli fell to the floor between three chairs

István Ujeli fell to the floor between three chairs

This time, István Ujeli, who was willing to comment at any time in the past, did not want to give a substantive answer to our newspaper’s inquiry as to why he had so unexpectedly announced a year before the European Parliament elections that he would end his career in Brussels. . Known: The politician who at that time won a mandate from the parliamentary Socialist Party list, but left his party in the meantime, claimed that several people had approached him in the past period to promote the work of a particular public group or party with his counterpart. Fame and political activity. As he wrote, there were people with whom insurmountable value and political distance made cooperation difficult, but there were also interlocutors who had more in common than differences of opinion, but who in the end could only agree to disagree.

– It was known that István Ujeli had recently been seeking the company of the two most decisive representatives of the HDZ, Klara Dobrev and Šaba Molnar. By all indications, this proved fruitless, and he failed to gain a place in the roster of EP Ferencsány Gyurcsány.

– the Hungarian nation’s sources familiar with the left’s internal affairs said about the background of what happened. They added: It was already known that the top three places on DK’s list would be occupied by Clara Dobrev, Chapa Molnar and Ognes Vaday, but the fourth and fifth places were still available, and Ugli’s name was also mentioned in connection with them. However, according to indications, either it does not suit him, or he will be pushed back – our sources indicated, according to Ughelli, he announced very early on that he would not run again, so as not to be his failure. Reported by Ferenc Gyurcsany.

In light of all this, it is worth recalling that Ugeli himself said in February: It is impossible for him to be on the MSZP list in 2024, because, he said, the party has taken a direction that many do not like. The politician also revealed that he was approached by Peter Ungar, among others, but according to his claim, he will not be on the LDP list because he does not want to change the European factions and will probably remain in the European Left Party family. So what happened can be summed up when István Ujeli fell to the ground between two chairs, not three.

If not for the Hungarian nation, the politician told a tabloid about his plans.

Anyone who knows me knows: I am a politician to the core, that is, I will certainly remain a public influencer. I have insider experience and insight into politics, so as an insider, I remain an active part of the audience. I don’t know what kind of civilian job I’ll have next to it, but I have many inquiries, especially from the tourism sector and the education sector in it, in which I’ve been a leading policy maker in recent years.

he said to Blake.

Last but not least, it should also be noted that Ughelli previously categorically denied that he had anything to do with the protagonists of the Brussels corruption scandal, but at the same time photos appeared where he posed with Eva Kylie, and they organized a conference together. , and even wrote a joint proposal.

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It was also revealed that István Ugeli was on good terms with another arrested socialist politician, Marc Tarabella, who had also recently voted in favor of a European Parliament resolution condemning Hungary.

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