István Tiborcz Mészárosék bought a five-star hotel with a large loan

István Tiborcz Mészárosék bought a five-star hotel with a large loan

Istvan Tiburts and Victor Urban. Image Source: Victor Urban, Christmas Preparations – 2013 c. Facebook page.

Andrássy Residence Wine & Spa in Tarcal was purchased by a new owner in November 2019 – Informed us Through our partner, we are also on the verge of a change. It was the only five-star hotel in the county of Borsode-Abaug-Zimpelin owned and operated by Témadesign Kft. , Owned by Lőrinc Mészáros, and Tiborczék acquired this company.

The change of ownership was also registered by the Registry Court a week after the start of the legal relationship, on November 20, 2019. Not much has changed, according to the indications: only the company’s headquarters has been moved from 65 Felcsút Fő utca to Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 27, which is also the headquarters To many other Tiborcz companies.

Even more telling, however, according to the testimony of the company statement, is that the 100 percent business share was acquired by BDPST Zrt. It was mortgaged by the Magyar Fejlesztési bank par excellence. This indicates that Istvan Tiborcz took out a bank loan to some extent to buy the company.

According to documents submitted to the Registry, the transaction was funded by a bank loan of 881 million HUF in Tiborech.

Incidentally, this is not the first case in which a banking franchise has been transferred to a business stake in Témadesign Kft. According to the Opten database, there was such an entry in the company statement under Mészárosék. At the time, Granite Bank had subscribed to foreclosure in the amount of 550 million HUF.

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By the way, Tiborczes did not put a bad horse into the five-star hotel, as they had previously won a non-refundable grant of 324.5 million HUF from Mészáros Lőrincék to build new rooms and renovate interiors in the frame from the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program.

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