István Tiborcz is also desirable for luxury apartments

István Tiborcz is also desirable for luxury apartments

So far, 2019 has been known to have been an excellent year financially To István Tiborcz, Son-in-law of the Prime Minister, but to this day only billions of real estate company BDPST Zrt. However, the entrepreneur owns another real estate business, which is also growing dynamically.

This company is called: Bellavista Apartments Ltd. This means beautiful view in Hungarian, which is not a shame in the case of ownership. Well, this company was only registered in December 2017, which until October of last year was owned by István Tiborcz through BDPST Zrt. But since then, this company has been owned by son-in-law Viktor Orbán through IBC-Projekt Kft. . It is not known what this means, but in 2018 it was able to generate only 264.8 million HUF in sales, however. In 2019, up to 1.1 billion HUF Revenue counter in Bellavista Apartments Kft.

In 2019, the company generated net sales revenue of 1,142,222 HUF, which was related to the rental and sale of real estate.

This is how it all looks in the strict official language of the accounts. In the form of dividends, the founder voted for 170 million HUF at the general meeting held at the beginning of March.

But what do Bellavista Apartments do? The transparent In 2018, he wrote that The company has amassed a total of 1,118 square feet of apartments in the city center – 12 at 9 Dorottya Street downtown. In a condominium below And one on Hagus Street. For this It recently became state-owned again Granite Bank provided a loan of 670 million HUF. The largest of the affected units is 147 m, the smallest is 37 sq m – the real estate complex was purchased in one package by Tiborcz from a Hungarian, Italian and Luxembourg group.

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Bellavista Kft. Owned by István Tiborcz through IBC-Projekt Kft. Between 2010 and 2013, attorney Andre Hamara was also his partner in this firm From the Elios case You may be familiar. Do not forget:

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