Istvan Tarlos: Jirgili Carraxoni makes unfulfilled promises

Istvan Tarlos: Jirgili Carraxoni makes unfulfilled promises

Istvan Tarlos said that Girjeli Caraxoni always talks about something other than what the mayor’s office is about, pretending it to be parliamentary and presidential elections for ministers.

He constantly mentions state efficiencies where there is no room for maneuver: for example, he promises money to build stadiums for hospitals while that money will never go to him, and these health facilities have been “withdrawn” by the state across the country for seven. The mayor indicated that He was the only mayor to not sign an agreement at the time.

“Jirgili Caraxoni does not know the budget at all, does not know what the operating budget allows, and it seems that promises of freedom in recent days are indeed a sign of despair,” he added.

István Tarlós described these promises of distribution as startling and disingenuous, which cannot be taken seriously, similar to Csaba Horváth’s promises of freedom in 2010, and politically speaking they are “small attempts at corruption” for the vote.

The mayor said he promises what can realistically be preserved, and talks about what has been accomplished so far and what has been prepared for implementation in the campaign.

Girjeli Caraxoni, who served as mayor of Zoglu for five years, did not say an orphan word about his district. István Tarlos said: If someone does not perform his own performance authentically, there is something to hide there, adding that Gergéli Caraxone did not attend the Budapest General Assembly, committee meetings, did not tell the truth about rat extermination and parking lots.

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István Tarlós also said that Gergely Karácsony “doesn’t really want to argue,” he wants to create that look, but it doesn’t even affect the circumstances of the debate. He said he had no mind to have a heated discussion with mayor candidate Robert Bowser.

Speaking of cooperation between the government and the mayor, Istvan Tarlos said, it is not about love or being good with the government, but about “I can cooperate to the point of not burning all bridges and damaging the city.”

I don’t want to drive and drive the city for any party, but because Budapest is old, I love, I know Budapest, I understand this business, I know what the mayor does, ”he said.

Speaking of developments, the mayor announced that the Public Development Board has approved and has a cover for, for example, the renovation of the Chain Bridge and its surroundings, more large-scale BKV exchanges, the construction of the Béke tér wastewater treatment reconstruction of the complex and vast bicycles Scope In addition, the design and licensing of the Aquincum Bridge will begin at the export level, and the flood protection investments will continue.

In addition, they intend to address climate protection, and the capital has a detailed climate strategy and green infrastructure development program. He said that we also want to intensify our efforts to address homelessness issues, and we are working with this Ministry of Interior.

István Tarlós also touched on the Gergely Karácsony poster – “Let’s make Budapest again!” Moreover, the most extreme members of Gábor Demszky’s constituency are campaigning in the open street next to Gergely Karácsony, so it is possible to consider who wants to take back Budapest, suggested István Tarlós.

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