István Sofron: We said goodbye with our heads held high

The participation of the Hungarian national ice hockey team in the Finnish-Latvian World Championships ended with a dramatic defeat and farewell to the elite field. István Sofron was one of the best players for the Hungarian team, scoring four goals in the tournament. The Csikszereda-born striker is arrested with his family after bidding farewell to the World Cup.

Istvan Sofron has been playing really well with the Hungarian national team in recent weeks. Born in Csikszereda, the striker has strengthened his hometown team, Sportklub, in the past two seasons, scoring two goals against Canada’s best during the pre-World Cup test matches, and assisting the team with four goals in the World Cup. . Sophie scored a goal against Denmark and the USA, and in the decisive match against Austria he managed to score two goals. However, even this was not enough to fight for inclusion, the Hungarian team could not take the world leader for the third time either.

the You masturbate In his favor, István Sofron said: If you look at his individual side, he could be satisfied with his performance last week, but as a member of the Hungarian national team, he thinks as a team.

“We’ve always felt and communicated that we can only make the national team successful if we play like a real team. I think that was good. Of course, I’m glad I got there and was able to finish Sales. Overall the game went with my line very well, we attacked Well, we scored pucks. Actually, it was my turn to get a position and I was able to sell.” He added that he was happy because of his good individual performance, but at the same time he was disappointed, as the national team was eliminated from the best.

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Painful goodbye

In response to our question, Sofron shared that saying goodbye to the World Cup affected the team members. “It was the biggest game of our career, with the biggest stakes. We could have had a great success in the history of Hungarian ice hockey, but I think we stood our ground and left with our heads held high.” At the same time, he stressed that this was probably the last World Cup for many members of the national team, the last time they were able to pull off a “major feat”.

“Staying at home would have put the crown on the work my age group has done in the last 15 years. This really hurts, it will be hard for everyone to digest, but we have to move on.” As he emphasized: the team had the opportunity to achieve a really good result, and they had the necessary advantages. He highlighted the further success against France and the dramatic match against Austria. “These are higher-ranked teams for us. We haven’t beaten the French national team in twenty years, and we haven’t beaten the Austrians recently,” he said.

The “miracle factor” was missing

The striker from Transylvania pointed out that the majority of the Hungarian national team members came from the ERSTE league and are not used to matches of the same level. However, they managed to go match after match against the best teams in the world. “The miracle factor wasn’t there, let’s say the puck bounced in our favor at the end, but I think we couldn’t have done more with our abilities. We’re capable of it and we don’t need to be ashamed, even though saying goodbye hurts.”

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The striker, who has spent the last two seasons playing for Csíkszereda Sportklub, currently does not have a contract with any team. When asked about his further career, he said that the World Cup events should be drowned out, but at the same time he had already made a mistake in his opinion that “the baton should be handed over” in the national team.

“I just turned 35, and my family also took a lot of time away from playing in the national team for two and a half months, so I didn’t see my daughter for weeks. In addition, it’s hard for me to recover from injury, and now that I’m not under contract with any club, That also has to be taken into consideration. I have to think about it, now with 150 games behind me, I can retire from Group A. I’m facing a difficult decision. I have to decide what’s best for me and my family.”

At the same time, Istvan Sofron is committed to a few more years at club level, but he doesn’t yet know what team colors we’ll see from the fall. “Right now comfort is the priority and we’ll start thinking in the coming weeks about how we can move forward,” he said.

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