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Istvan Nagy announced: The ban on Ukrainian grains remains in place

Istvan Nagy announced: The ban on Ukrainian grains remains in place

The ban on imports of Ukrainian agricultural products expires on September 15. That is why István Nagy embarked on a trip to three neighboring countries to agree on what will happen from September 16 – the minister announced on his Facebook page.

Brussels is silent, and we must act within our national jurisdiction. We cannot remain silent and become helpless in front of the farmers.

– said the minister.

He emphasized that they agreed with their Romanian, Bulgarian and Slovakian colleagues that if there is no decision in Brussels to extend the moratorium, they will act individually within their national competence.

I would like to coordinate this process, and he pointed out that the import ban will not include four products, but rather they will come out with an expanded list of products,

In other words, the list of Ukrainian products to which the import ban will be extended is expected to continue to grow.

There, products are produced in a completely different production structure, according to completely different systems, without observing any rules, and then released on EU markets duty-free and without any restrictions, which puts European farmers and producers in a difficult situation. Impossible situation

The Minister justified the decision.

Yesterday, the Polish government announced a similar measure, which we wrote about here:

Cover image source: MTI Photo/Noémi Bruzák

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