Istvan Kiraly, Executive Vice President, leaves Vodafone

Istvan Kiraly, Executive Vice President, leaves Vodafone

The announcement reminds us: Istvan Kiraly joined Vodafone Hungary in 2014, with more than 20 years of experience in business strategy and marketing. He has previously gained experience with large telecom companies such as Telekom or Telenor. Vodafone has managed a corporate services business unit in Hungary for over 6 years.

Matthias Dubeau Photo: Vodafone

The name of the leader with a serious professional background is associated with countless successes and developments. This includes building a fixed-line communications portfolio for Vodafone corporate customers, expanding business IoT services nationwide, and launching a turnkey business, now the Vodafone Business brand, which supports corporate digitization. In addition to the above, István Király played a major role in Vodafone-UPC integration, and under his leadership Vodafone introduced private 5G network and NB-IoT technologies.

István Király will be replaced by Mátyás Dobó, a well-known figure in the Hungarian digital technology community who was previously responsible for Apple’s CCEE B2B business, as Executive Vice President of the Corporate Services Business Unit in Vodafone Hungary.

Mátyás Dobó has more than 16 years of experience in the digital technology field, he started his career by building his own company, then joined Magyar Telekom in 2013. He later worked for Deutsche Telekom, Invitech, and Apple, with outstanding experience in sales management, marketing and business development. The specialist is proficient in presenting and implementing methodologies based on design and flexibility in a large corporate environment, as well as in managing teams focused on individuals and clients. He has a special interest and experience in the field of Internet of Things solutions and in the strategic development and implementation of digital transformation.

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Dobó joined Vodafone Hungary in December last year and will assume the senior management position from István Király effective February 1, 2021 as part of the planned succession.

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