Israel carried out a missile attack -

Israel carried out a missile attack –

According to the statement of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an activist organization that immigrated to Great Britain, Israel fired four missiles at one of the runways of Aleppo International Airport and the warehouses surrounding it. According to OSDH, the warehouses are supposed to contain a shipment of Iranian missiles.

And the American news agency (Associated Press) wrote that Israel has carried out hundreds of attacks in the area under the control of the Damascus government in recent years, but it has rarely acknowledged them. The Israeli military also did not comment on Wednesday’s attacks on Aleppo airport. Meanwhile, Israel stated that its targets are the bases of armed groups allied with Iran, including the Lebanese Hezbollah. The Lebanese Shiite organization has sent thousands of fighters to support the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Israel attacked a military facility in western Syria on Sunday. Satellite images showed the extent of the damage inflicted by the missiles on the warehouse, which an opposition watchdog activist group said contained medium-range missiles of Iranian-backed militants. In June, traffic at Damascus airport was temporarily halted due to Israeli air strikes.

Cover photo: Aleppo, Syria. Getty Images

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