Is this really what Queen Camilla’s dress looks like?

King Charles and Queen Camilla are the oldest crowned royal couple in the United Kingdom

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Queen Camilla According to tradition, she wore two types of robes to the coronation, the first made of scarlet velvet and was originally made for Queen Elizabeth in 1953. Under the state robe, she wore a white frock coat by Bruce Odfield, and her petticoat was adorned with special embroidered motifs.

Greetings to your dogs

The long-sleeved gown of silk fabric was adorned with delicate gold and silver embroidery – the floral motifs represented the royal couple’s love of nature and the four nations of the United Kingdom. But there was something else here besides the natural motifs, which only the most discerning would have noticed: in fact, Queen Camilla’s two dogs also wore the dress!

The crown was also placed on Queen Camilla’s head during the ceremony

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Princess Catalin’s coronation dress took the internet by storm, and it’s never been so beautiful

Princess Catalin's coronation dress took the internet by storm, and it's never been so beautiful

Bluebell and Beth’s rescue Jack Russell terrier is adorned with gold embroidery on the hem of Queen Camilla’s dress – a way to express her love for the furry friends she adopted in 2011 and 2012.

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