Is this a new feature?! – Telebe f*sta Kong a Warzone Streamert

The new Warzone event, Operation Monarch, split players as one person was waiting for more after the massive uproar that slowly started months ago. Of course doctor He couldn’t even leave him without saying a wordHow did the ‘sz *r’ event become.

But there was a streamer who experienced this in a completely different way, as Kong was literally full.

The streamer in question wanted to try out the new event, so he jumped into a game to get a closer look at the Giants. Since he landed near the top, he saw the monkey for the first time. He succeeded in stealing from behind him, but what followed was not expecting it, and frankly he couldn’t be blamed for that.

The video shows the transmitter covered in a good amount of brown liquid, which immediately starts screaming – probably out of disgust.

It’s obviously just a joke, but at least it really works. Marking the developers, the launcher joked about whether this was an intentional feature during the new event, or if it was the only one that went.

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