Is there life after the EA?  Four matches played based on FIFA!  |  news block

Is there life after the EA? Four matches played based on FIFA! | news block

It is not out of the question that football game fans will soon band together to answer Electronic Arts to the FIFA series, as the annual segment has confused many, but it still looks better than what FIFA started out with.

Because of the upcoming World Cup, the rights holder has started making four different FIFA matches, which in principle wouldn’t look bad, except that they are all based on Web 3.0, so there is no seriousness, no high-profile approach as we are. Used from titles published under the name.

The AI League: Qatar 2022 World Cup Edition For example, it will immediately be a 4v4 soccer game played by artificial intelligence, and players can only intervene in situations at certain moments.

AFIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Additionally, it will be released on Upland’s Metaverse platform, and at the moment we don’t know anything about it other than the fact that we can trade a lot with virtual stuff, which is probably what the entire game is built on.

The Tour Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition Then you will focus on the world of card games, so football cards and betting on results will play the main role in it.

Regardless of them, it is still being prepared FIFA Mobile Also, all we know so far is that players can capture the most memorable moments of the World Cup with it as part of their NFTs.

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