Is there a properly assembled smartphone less than fifty thousand?  We went after him

Is there a properly assembled smartphone less than fifty thousand? We went after him

In addition to the highly knowledgeable and expensive phones, there is little talk of inexpensive, so-called entry-level devices that can be bought for a few tens of thousands of forint. Indeed, they are not very innovative, but they are in great demand due to the low prices, so they are also very important models. These devices play a major role in Realme’s offering, which also has serious plans in Hungary, so it is not surprising that the group has also brought its latest product of this type to Hungary, which is called Realme C21.

We were among the first in the country to pick up the phone, which doesn’t look outside, looks like an entry-level cell phone. The back cover is particularly demanding, tasteful, the grip is comfortable, the buttons are well placed and there are no oscillations, and there are no traces of installation errors, so the assembly quality, ergonomics, are excellent.

The drop-shaped camera island, notch, is also missing.Source: Origo

Its coffee is too thin, and the notch that was popular a few years ago, is missing. The Micro USB battery charging connector is packed underneath, and the headphone output monitors there. So the decision makers at Realme decided that ridiculous trends here or there will not save this important port of this device. They have worked out well. Due to cost improvement, IP protection must be abandoned, that is, the device withstands water, dust and shock very poorly, so it is worth the investment in a case, protective film. It is 8.9 mm thick, 165 wide, 76.5 mm long and weighs less than twenty knots (190 grams), making it relatively comfortable to hold.

Realme C21, the cheap smartphone.Source: Origo

We weren’t expecting much in terms of sound, but the model was very disappointing. The rear speaker is surprisingly loud and the sound quality is unexpectedly good. If someone does not have high requirements, you can even use it to listen to background music, so the bass can be perceived. And if you connect headphone or earphones to it, the sound quality will be better.

It also produces outstanding power management performance: 5000 mAh batteries are included, which is good even in the upper class.

Additionally, the hardware and the screen consume relatively low power, so the uptime is very prohibitive. Depending on usage, it can also be squeezed for 13-17 hours, which is really very good value.


We can no longer say such nice things about the screen, as it is quite average in this area. The peculiarity of the IPS LED LCD panel used is that it is not able to create the perfect black, instead we see the dark gray color that appears in the dark or when placed next to an OLED phone.

The screen remains visible even in sunlight.Source: Origo

The resolution is 720 x 1600 pixels, which is at 6.5 inches in addition to the now mandatory minimum at entry level as well. Colors are fine anyway, a light veil, for example, is always perceptible, but this is an inevitable flaw in the photographic process. According to our measurements, 403 Newtons of brightness is sufficient to keep the image clear, albeit dim. The maximum refresh rate is 60 Hz, but this is not surprising, as 120 Hz screens, which produce twice that, are starting to spread even among the much more expensive models.

It is a real beginner’s device, but it is not visible on it.Source: Origo

The motion display is basically fine anyway, you really can’t make annoying mistakes. The viewing angle is super, which means it doesn’t feel faded or reflected even if you look at the screen from the side / up. And most often this happens during mobilization because it is human In the rarest of cases, it keeps your phone in perfect shape. So the visual world is far from flawless, the climax of the day, but nevertheless, there is no doubt that this will render the device unusable.

What is it useful for? How strong is it?

Most of these low-cost models are inclined to almost the fact that manufacturers want to save on hardware. As a result, the devices leave plants unable to meet specified life expectations even at a minimum. In fact, before it first turned on, we were afraid that this might be the case for the Realme C21 as well, but the device disputed us.

The colors are beautiful and can be used for sightseeing.Source: Origo

We’re not saying it’s a little powerhouse, as the 12nm processor, that is, the somewhat outdated MediaTek Helio G35 octa-core processor powered by 4GB of RAM is unable to do miracles. But I would say that for general everyday use of the device, although the fact is that even at that time it is noticeably slower than the top models. You can use it to make phone calls, chat, video conferencing, messaging, surf the web, watch videos, listen to music, and enjoy simpler games. However, it is also a fact that the resource is more demanding applications, so games with more beautiful graphics, photo editors and video editors also face insurmountable hurdles, and HD photos and videos also sweat it out.


By 2021, it provides only basic imaging services. Although it has a macro camera installed on it, it is only capable of producing pictures of remarkable quality in ideal lighting conditions.

In the evening photos, some noise is sometimes noticed.Source: Origo

Plus, it has a 13MP main camera, which only works really well during the day, in the dark, in low light, the pictures are often noisy and blurry. The 5MP selfie camera is not that important, it can only be looked at under ideal conditions.

Nevertheless, it delivers great performance during the day.Source: Origo

The video capabilities of the phone did not rise, and we were still skilled at the time. You should get it in Full HD and there are 30fps recording speeds, which isn’t enough today.


There are countless dangers inherent in the segment of very cheap phones, but during testing we came to the conclusion that the Realme C21 handled the obstacles very well. Of course, we wouldn’t say this is a super knowledgeable car, but I would say that it could be an absolutely good decision if someone pays a few tens of thousands of forint (42,900 feetHe wants or can pay for a viable smartphone.

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