Is the ice breaking between the United States and China?

“The meeting was constructive and promising in terms of enhancing mutual understanding. An agreement was reached to expand contacts, appropriately resolve differences, avoid conflict and work together to put bilateral relations back on the right track,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Chinese ministry report did not indicate whether US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Qinping will discuss each other – in hypothetical terms – before the end of the year, a senior US official said on Wednesday.

According to the source, Washington has made it clear that it seeks stability so that the two sides can compete intensively and responsibly with each other, however, China said on Thursday that it opposes the use of the word “competition” to define relations between the two countries, Zhang. He said that China strives for peaceful coexistence.

According to a White House statement, Sullivan confirmed:

The United States will continue to invest in its own national military and cooperate with its allies.

US National Security Adviser Liang expressed concern about the human rights situations in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Hong Kong, the situation in the South China Sea and airspace violations by Taiwanese aircraft that have led to China-Taiwan relations. The Taiwan side stated that the two countries have reached decades.

According to the Chinese statement, Zhang told Sullivan that he hopes the United States will pursue a reasonable and pragmatic policy and not use sovereignty and security issues to interfere in China’s internal affairs. The report states:

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The United States is party to an agreement under which Washington has recognized Beijing as the only Chinese government since 1979.

Both parties agreed that the conversation was marked by mutual respect, unlike the March meeting in which a tough word duel unfolded. The first meeting of the US and Chinese foreign ministers in Anchorage, Alaska was attended by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Sullivan, and from the Chinese side, Foreign Minister Fang Jie and Zhang. Then the latter lamented the “condescending” style of the American side, saying at the same time that the United States had no right to negotiate with China from a position of strength. The US National Security Adviser and a senior foreign official of the Communist Party of China met in Zurich, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

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