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Is the first preview of GTA 6 already underway?

Is the first preview of GTA 6 already underway?

Grand Theft Auto 5 had some amazing success, and its success was not interrupted in this way, in the eighth year after its release, and even in its next-generation release, locking it in for a few more years. I have to, because GTA 6 is still a long way off, all we know about it is that they are working on it at Rockstar Games. When it is finally officially announced it’s a good question, but judging by the job posting, that specific notifier is not up front yet.

Rockstar is the newest job advertisement The New York division is looking for an artist / professional to handle cinematic gameplay footage. The mission is to capture stunning cinematic scenes from the game for both online and TV campaigns, and this applies to both the walkthrough and the same specific gameplay in single and multiplayer modes. The potential employee will work with expert video cutters and trailers, and will need to use the recording tools developed by Rockstar. Knowledge of the particular game is required, so you will have to play with it a lot, and regarding this, it is also imperative that the person likes to play a lot. Moreover, the problem-solving skills streak in the list of prospects may be interesting: the artist / professional is able to bring out the best in incomplete and unimproved “technology”.

Although there is no specific title for the game, it is not difficult to conclude from the available information that this is GTA 6. Of course, there are also rumors that Rockstar will resurrect Bully, but with the successful bombing of GTA 5 and GTA Online, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was Part 6 of The Grand Theft Auto series is a priority.

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We’ve already received many references to the making of GTA 6: on the one hand, Cayo Perico Heistja from GTA Online included one, and on the other hand, Rockstar has championed the new NPC technology that clearly links to an open-world game that also includes driving. So the only question is when will we finally get the ad preview. Rockstar is not in a hurry, for example, Red Dead Redemption 2 arrived just two years before its (console) release. Official notifier in advanceWhich also happens to contain cinematic scenes.

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