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Is the first hurricane approaching America?
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Is the first hurricane approaching America?

The US National Hurricane Center reported the current development of the 2023 hurricane season in the tropical mid-Atlantic. Current wind flow that is still low pressure (tropical depression) It is expected to turn into a hurricane in a few days.

Tropical depressions, storms and hurricanes
around the tropical depression We can talk when the wind speed remains below 62 km / h, so the wind is not that strong, but the amount of precipitation can be significant. The names of the systems that produce wind speeds between 62 km/h and 119 km/h are a Tropical storm. and above 119 km / h about a tropical cyclone we can talk. Depending on where it is formed, the name hurricane or tornado can also be used from here. (Source:

The depression is currently located about 1,425 miles east of the South Wind Rose Islands and It produces winds of 35 mph. According to the Miami weather forecast It will strengthen on Thursday and Friday and pass through the Lesser Antilles as a hurricaneand includes hazards such as floods caused by heavy rains, hurricane force winds, storm surges and dangerous waves.

Although it is still too early to pinpoint the exact location and size of risk areas, The authorities in the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are advised to do so To closely monitor the system and make sure there are plans for hurricanes.

If this tropical depression develops into a hurricane, it will be the first of the 2023 season,

which lasts from June to November. Colorado State University researchers projected that the Atlantic hurricane season will be slightly below average for 2023 due to El NiƱo.

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