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Is PlayStation 5 ready to support older hardware?

According to a patent, it appears that Sony is trying to push the PlayStation 5 bandwagon by supporting legacy peripherals.

The name of the patent is in Hungarian approx. It reads “Systems and Methods for Converting Older Code to Updated Code,” and the image below shows exactly what Sony might want. Old peripherals are placed on it, and more can be learned in seconds. The PSP Go (which didn’t have a UMD driver, so it was a portable digital device…and maybe that’s why it wasn’t very successful), DualShock controller (DualShock 3?), PlayStation Mouse, EyeToy camera, PlayStation Move “fagyi” also appear ”, but we see a Sony Media Remote, a memory card, and some kind of “card reader”.

Most of these are from the PlayStation 3 era. Let’s not forget that rumors were circulating about Sony trying to emulate the PlayStation 3 locally (under PlayStation Plus, we can only play PS3 games from the cloud; PS1, PS2 and PSP games run locally without any problems), and if It was also possible to operate these accessories, then Sony could compensate for one of their drawbacks. I probably just want to emulate this stuff too, since these days, except for PlayStation Move sticks, you can’t get them in stores, unless you see one used here and there.

The patent was filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment on June 30, so it’s not certain we’ll see the result of that in any time, because Sony hasn’t yet reached the point where it might announce in its monthly PlayStation Plus base post that games will be added to the PS Plus Extra tier. or Premium. Meanwhile, Microsoft is laughing at the fact that (Xbox) Game Pass is receiving two posts per month, detailing the games and DLCs, as well as upcoming content, and titles that will be leaving the subscription service for Redmond people.

The PlayStation 3 is not an easy task because of the cellular processor: even before PC emulation, there is a long way to go before it becomes perfect (RPCS3).

source: VGC

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