Is it worth investing in the new Switch model?

Is it worth investing in the new Switch model?

Nintendo isn’t following the path of the major console manufacturers, it wants to keep the 4-year-old Switch for a while this year, although it’s ready to improve it if we can wait for a 4K release for a while. It currently has an OLED version on the horizon that attracts customers with more internal storage and a 1080p screen and resolution (installed). The question, of course, is whether the debut, which is obviously more expensive, will debut on Friday, especially if we already have a primary toggle switch. The first tests may provide guidance on this issue.

The American IGN Taylor Lyles A 8/10Evaluate the OLED model. According to Lyles, the new Switch offers a brighter, more vibrant picture, and the larger screen has often prompted it to operate as a portable console, not even when docked, even at home. The Switch OLED also performs better in direct sunlight, so you can see games on it better than on the base model. Plus, it’s more stable on flat surfaces thanks to its new stand, and its new Ethernet-equipped dock allows for faster downloads. According to the author, of course, this is not the primary target audience for Switch owners, but for users who have not purchased for themselves a Nintendo hybrid console.

Technologies website, a the edge also only 8/10Classify the OLED version of . Andrew Webster said the OLED screen was nice, also appreciated the stability stand the model was equipped with, and found the larger internal storage useful, but it was irritating that they didn’t start anything with the Joy-Con, drifting is the same thing. Also, about which players have long complained, the performance has not improved either, not even in the docked state.

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a wired He is 8/10The new switch class. The 7-inch OLED screen is great, its stability has been improved thanks to the new recorder, and the color scheme and internal storage improvements are commendable, so the dock’s Ethernet port is good too, as is the battery life so far according to lab Julian Chukato. In addition to the improvement in performance that the Joy-Conok’s problems persisted, the article writer also had concerns that brightness could be higher in direct sunlight, and that 64GB of internal storage, although significantly higher than the base model, does not. Still a little sweet.

Some additional tests in one or two sentences:

“If you play a lot in manual mode, the OLED model is a surprisingly large leap. However, if you don’t use the console much in this mode, the new Switch OLED display is compelling enough to change your habit.” – Game Spot.

“So far, it’s the best switch, but it’s not different enough [az alapmodelltől]. Bigger screen and better premium stand makes a great handy console [a Switchet], but if you’re always playing docked, you’ll never even notice”— cnet.

“A fun extravaganza for Nintendo fans looking for a bigger – but not essential” portable switch – Ars Technica.

“This is amazing [még] Not the Switch Pro, but it’s a good step in the right direction. […] For those who’ve never bought a Switch and are wondering if they’re spending the extra $50 on an OLED model, I’d say it’s worth it. But for others, it’s waiting [a 4K-s Switchre] continuous”- ribbed.

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The Nintendo Switch OLED doesn’t have to wait any longer: it will hit store shelves on October 8th.

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