Is it too big a wall for McLaren in third?


Thursday, August 19, 2021, 3:12 pm


Halfway through the season, Ferrari and McLaren finished third in the constructors. Andrea Stella of Woking wonders how realistic it is to get the job.

Two stalls are vying for third place in the 2021 World Constructors’ Championship: Ferrari and McLaren, who finished that place last year, each have 163 points. So on paper, the stables will have an equal chance of starting in the second half of the season to win the team’s bronze, however the McLaren race director doubts how realistic it would be to repeat last year’s final result.

“Third place was a great achievement, and surprisingly last year as well, it was Racing Point,” Andrea Stella, who holds the position, told Italian “It will be this year as well, because we are fighting Ferrari, which is obviously an excellent team, we respect them a lot. We will see if it is realistic to get third place, because the points average required for this year is very high. We get an average of 16 points per race. And if we stay on the ground, this is a very ambitious result.”

Although Stella feels 16 points per grand prix is ​​a high level, McLaren has also done impressively. Lando Norris has stood at the bottom of the podium three times – third place alone with a value of 15 points – including at the Austrian Grand Prix, which the Italian engineer singled out for.

“In some races we were a little surprised by how close we got to Mercedes and Red Bull. For example, in the second race in Austria we came very close to first and then were very fast in the race as well, although Red Bull and Mercedes usually separate themselves from the others on the Spot Andrea Stella said: We’ve seen this trend in recent years.

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