Is it a sequel to the first part of Cult?

Is it a sequel to the first part of Cult?

There are games that also feature a very unique (visual) world and gameplay, but they don’t get enough attention, despite the many recommended tests and prizes. Developed by Double Fine, veteran Tim Shaffer (Full Throttle, Grim Fandango) and his team, Psychonauts, were like this 16 years ago, selling pretty low-end versions, even though they were really original pieces. Fortunately, a larger fan base formed around it later on, who yearned to continue, which Double Fine could eventually do because it was owned by Xbox Game Studios. Psychonauts 2 has just been out in the world after more than half a decade in the making, so let’s see how our fellow aliens have greeted it!

Game for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4 metacrit Produces high scores. Most of the tests came with the PC version, and 26 of the 26 tests were also positive, criticism summary 89/100running. One of the Xbox Series X’s most restrictive tests has arrived, but it also pays tribute to Psychonauts 2. Let’s see some concrete examples!

Thai Gale’s Row A VG247Tim Shaffer’s latest adventure game has almost found a genius from: 5/5Gave it in the final evaluation. Galiz-Rowe was very pleased with the development of the characters and the world, as well as the gameplay that complements the good old platform elements with modern gameplay mechanics, not to mention the elegant visual world. The author of the article only had minor issues in the beta version, so it experienced freezes while loading saved jobs, had some performance issues, and also had problems syncing the console to the PC. But these are not bugs that will seriously affect the gameplay, and may not be included in the full version.

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Compared to 10/10 or 5/5 of course A 89/100 Less but not by much. Matthew Castle PC Gamertől I appreciated Psychonauts 2 a lot, so keep it up too. Castle also said that the traditional platformer gameplay has evolved a lot, with inventions versus cliches prevailing in a lot of areas, which means Schafer and his team were content, despite doing the sequel, with boldly unleashing their creative potential.

It’s Tom Marks American IGNWho was tougher, it was just 8/10He gave to Psychonauts 2. “Even with some problems, the Psychonauts give us everything we can expect from this sequel,” Marx wrote in his summary. It also believes that the story, the world, and the character composition are fantastic, and it is commendable that its developers have dared to innovate in the genre and gameplay of its great predecessor. Its flaws mostly stem from the fact that, despite its modern gameplay elements, it evokes platform games in the mid-2000s on several fronts, not necessarily in a good way.

Compared to the others, it was even tougher We’ve got this covered Psychonauts Quiz 2: Eric Hall 3.5 / 5Game values. Hall had a similar problem with the Psychonauts sequel as the article writer for American IGN, which means that while the story and world are great, it’s mind-boggling, so at least as unique and fun as the first part, the platform elements are outdated.

Some other tests and results:

Psychonauts will arrive on Xbox, PC, and PS4 platforms on August 25, and will be included in Game Pass immediately.

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