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Irdatlas is the beloved son of Half Life and BioShock in a stunning trailer

Irdatlas is the beloved son of Half Life and BioShock in a stunning trailer

Industria continues in the footsteps of BioShock and Half Life, with its sequel revealed with a stunning, absolutely stunning trailer.

Daniel Boddy

22.03.2024 – Hopefully Industria 2 will be a much better game than its predecessor, which was a very atmospheric, well-designed, stylish, unique, interesting and amazing FPS, but despite the slow gameplay, its 3 hour story Almost can hardly be described as adequate.

Unfortunately, the sequel revealed at the Future Game Show won't improve much either, which according to the developers won't last more than 6 hours – which we can be happy about, since it's twice as long as its predecessor. The two games complement this way… But no, I'm not malicious: the Bleakmill Games team is not a large lineup, so you can't expect AAA level from them. Regardless of this, the talent of the team can be completely seen in the first trailer, Industria 2 immediately draws you in with its style and atmosphere.

And this is not a coincidence at all: the short, no-frills FPS draws heavily from classics like BioShock and Half Life (2), in both its art design and gameplay, recalling its great predecessors, and its story. Obviously from David Lynch we can discover inspiration from him. This was already the case in the first part, and Industria 2 does not stop there: our heroine remains the woman from East Berlin, Nora, involved in an alternative Steampunk reality, with whom we must continue the investigation. By returning home. To Berlin in 1989, while he was dusting off in a strange and not very friendly way with artificial intelligence and his robot companions.

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Although the gameplay will continue to be polished, it will be the same as before – which is not a problem at all, because the action, as well as the interactions and physics-based puzzles, already worked well there. As for the visuals: it's unbelievable that such a small team could create such shamelessly flashy graphics, which Unreal Engine 5 helped them with.

It was released in 2025, and although a prequel is available on Xbox and PS5, Industria 2 is currently only coming to PC in 2025. Legendary Games StoreTo the on the steam And to Gog. Until then, you can also trade in the 2021 game, which you can buy for just 2,380 Hungarian Forints with a 70% discount until April 5. on the steam.

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